American Heritage Homes was founded in 1995 by Bill Crum and Gary Libertini. Since then, the company has not only built hundreds of custom homes throughout Central Ohio, but also a reputation as a high-quality builder at an affordable price.

Meet Bill & Gary

After studying design in college and earning a degree in Architecture, Gary knew he wanted to become a home builder. Providing unique customized homes was – and still is – his passion. Gary strongly believes that each home should be uniquely suited to its owner’s lifestyle.

Bill, on the other hand, began his career as a carpenter after earning a BA in Business. He built his first home in the late 1980’s, completing ninety-five percent of the work himself. Every day Bill puts his passion for enduring quality into every project, whether he is building a starter home or a million-dollar estate. With an eye for detail and hands-on experience, Bill grew his business as a custom home builder.

It’s All in the Name

When the company was first established, Bill and Gary thought long and hard about a name. They chose American Heritage Homes because of the craftsmanship and personal dedication found in early American homes. It is their belief that the name – American Heritage Homes – inspires everyone involved in the construction of your home to live up to the legacy of early American builders. There is no fanfare, streamers or confetti patronizing your values, just hard work and dedication designed to provide you with the best building experience.

Local, Hands-on Craftsmanship

While our name sounds like it belongs to a big nationwide corporation, we are a locally owned and operated company beholden to our clients and not some far away board of directors or investors. In fact, as a customer you will undoubtedly interact personally Bill and Gary. They are hands-on in the daily operations of the company, not just faces on a website. These “sticks and bricks” guys approach home building focused on the house and how it’s built. Everything that goes into each home is carefully considered for its value and longevity. At American Heritage Homes, it’s more about the house and the customers’ needs than the numbers or the bottom line.

Award Winning

American Heritage Homes prides itself on being able to develop unique, custom solutions for all our customers. We are a talented team, passionate and dedicated to building the best home for you and your family. And we are proud to share that throughout our years, we have received various design awards and business management accolades including: Central Ohio BIA Parade of Homes, Best Place to Work and Entrepreneur of the Year to name a few.